O2 - Desktop Workstation

The O 2 Workstation: Combining Workstation Performance with the Power of the Web

Silicon Graphics introduces O2 , the innovative desktop system that combines Silicon Graphics performance with the power of a Web-integrated user environment. O2 maximizes the productivity and innovation of creative and engineering teams with a new Web-integrated user interface combined with exceptional compute, graphics, imaging, I/O, and video compression capabilities.

New Thinking Demands a New Architecture

The O2 workstation is based on an innovative Unified Memory Architecture (UMA). Each system resource (CPU, graphics, video, imaging, compression, I/O) has equal access to the 2.1GB/second unified main memory subsystem. The compute power of O2 is based on the MIPS ® R5000 ™ and R10000 ™ processors, providing outstanding application performance.

Interactive Graphics and Imaging Performance

The O2 workstationís standard 32-bit double buffered graphics, native OpenGL ® graphics sub-system, and hardware support for texture mapping and z-buffering gives users industry-leading 3D performance and quality. O2 has a dedicated image processing engine that accelerates operations such as convolutions. The texture mapping hardware also allows real-time pan, zoom, and rotate of large, high-resolution images.

Unmatched Video Processing

Standard video compression hardware in O 2 enables every engineer to be a video editor while providing the features and quality that video professionals demand. In real time, O 2 encodes and decodes NTSC or PAL resolution motion-JPEG video and decodes MPEG 1 video. Users can also record video from the screen and save it in real time as a JPEG compressed video file. Independent audio can be synchronized to video data. O 2 supports two video channels in and one video channel out.

Web-Integrated Desktop Environment

The O 2 workstation is built network-ready, with Web browsing and TCP/IP network protocols com-pletely integrated into the desktop user interface and operating system. The file management system allows for the viewing of files, folders, or the hier-archy of a Web site while browsing it. The Silicon Graphics personal Web publisher is a standard feature, allowing users to share information over company intranets with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Each machine has simple but powerful personal system administration and disk manage-ment tools that leverage the Webís look-and-feel to help users intuitively visualize and complete tasks such as printer installation. NFS 3.0, available as an option, provides the highest throughput NFS file serving in the industry.

High-Bandwidth I/O

The O 2 I/O engine maximizes performance by removing bandwidth bottlenecks, which can starve even the fastest system components. O 2 delivers peak performance on 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet networks, a dual Ultra Fast/Wide SCSI implementation, 64-bit PCI expansion bus, and other I/O options.


R5000 @ 180MHz, 32KB data/32KB instruction primary cache, 512KB secondary cache


Synchronous DRAM, 100MHz, 4 banks, 288-bit wide

Capacity 64MB with 16Mb SDRAM

Mass Storage

2 x Ultra Fast/Wide SCSI single-ended, 1 internal bus, 1 external bus (40MB/sec peak each)

2 x 1" x 3.5" internal drive bays (only 1 available on R10000 processor models)

Internal 4X CD-ROM

Hard drives: 4GB (7,200 RPM)

Networking Hardware

10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet standard (RJ-45)

PCI networking FDDI (dual-attach fiber, single-attach options fiber, or unshielded twisted pair)

10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet

ISDN basic rate interface (S/T connector)

Synchronous serial 2 x T1/E1


Serial HIPPI**

Fibre Channel**


One half-length, 64-bit PCI slot (10W)

Optional digital display adapter card for Silicon Graphics ®

Presenter 1280 and Indy Presenter

Additional SCSI channel available via PCI

Input Devices

PC (PS/2 ) compatible keyboard and mouse


Analog stereo input/output

Powered speaker output

Monaural speaker


O2 Video I/O*

2 input channels and 1 output channel

S-Video and composite video I/O (S-Video with I 2 C control)

Digital camera

CCIR601 digital video**


20" (19" viewable) Trinitron ® 1280x1024

17" (16" viewable) Trinitron 1280x1024

Connectors and Controls

Front Volume control (up/down)


Status LED

Reset switch

Power on

Rear 2 serial 460kbps (DB-9)

Monitor (HD15) PC style

Ultra Fast/Wide SCSI (H-den 68)

10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet (RJ45)

1284 parallel (C miniature)

Mouse/keyboard (2 x MDIN6)

Side Right and left audio line in/out (RCA)

Stereo headphone jack (3.5mm)

Microphone jack (3.5mm)

S-Video I/O (MDIN)*

Composite video I/O (RCA)*

Rear Audio/Video

Digital video I/O and camera (68-pin)*

Right and left audio line I/O powered (2.5mm power, 3.5mm audio)


9" W x 12" H x 10.5" D

22 lbs

175-watt power supply


Resolution 1280x1024 @ 75Hz 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480 also supported

Frame Buffer Formats

32 + 32-bit FB (32 + 32 double buffered)

32-bit FB (16 + 16 double buffered)

16-bit FB (8 + 8 double buffered)

8-bit overlay

Graphics Features

Native OpenGL graphics subsystem

Hardware z-buffer

Triangle rasterization in hardware

Texture mapping in hardware

Hardware image mapping support

Hardware stencil planes

Hardware anti-aliasing

Source plus destination alpha in hardware

Fast Xline performance


Hardware accelerated ñ JPEG encode/decode 30fps @NTSC or CCIR 601 resolution 25fps @PAL or CCIR 601 resolution Software based ñ H.261 encode/decode ñ QuickTime encode/decode ñ Cinepak encode/decode ñ AVI encode/decode ñ MPEG-1 encode/decode


Operating System IRIX 6.3 with XFS

Networking TCP/IP, Novell NetWare support, Xinet AppleTalk ®

support, Windows ® networking, ONC with NFS 3.0 (optional)

Run-Time Libraries OpenGL and OpenGL Imaging Extensions

ImageVision Library ®

Digital media libraries


Floppy (parallel port), 4.0GB DAT, SyQuest ® **, 10GB or 15GB digital linear tape, 1.3GB optical disk**, ZIP, JAZ, external 3-bay enclosure


Optical mouse**, Magellan**, Spaceball**, dials and buttons, tablets**


Macintosh ® MIDI port converter

RS-422 port converter


FCC/CISPR 22 class B


EV EMC compliant


Warranty 1 year advanced parts exchange

MTBF 70,000 hours (est.)

*not present on all models

**not sold by Silicon Graphics

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